Who’s the New CEO of Twitter? Elon Musk Announces Step Down


The search is finally over – Elon Musk has decided who to hire to fill his interim role as CEO of Twitter.

Musk announced the news via Twitter, where he confirmed that his successor would take office in about six weeks and that they would use “she” pronouns, although no further details were confirmed.

In March, there were rumors that active Twitter executive and CEO of The Boring Company, Steve Davis, was ready to succeed Musk, although neither Davis nor Musk confirmed (or even commented on) the rumours.

Musk announced he was stepping down from the CEO position in December after polling his Twitter followers on whether or not he should step down.

About 57.5% of respondents voted that he should step down, prompting Musk to tell his followers that once he’s found someone for the role, he’ll “just run the software and server teams” at Twitter would.

This is an evolving story.

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