The Points Guy Names the No. 1 Airline in the U.S.


Every year the travel obsessed site The points guy Takes a look at national airline data and ranks the top 10 airlines in the country, taking into account factors such as affordability, reliability, cancellations and cabin amenities.

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This year, Delta Air Lines again landed at the top. It is the fifth consecutive year that the Atlanta-based airline has been named number one with an overall score of 66.31 out of 100. “When you buy an airline ticket, especially an expensive one these days, you need to get to your destination, and that’s where Delta shines,” said Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of The Points Guy CBS News.

Here are The Point Guy’s complete top 10 rankings

(Based on data from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.)

1. Delta Air Lines

  • Result: 66.31
  • Best Areas: Punctuality, Involuntary Bumps
  • Worst Areas: Affordability

2. United Airlines

  • Result: 62.47
  • Best Areas: Family Travel, Route Network, Frequent Flyer Program
  • Worst points: baggage, affordability

3.Alaska Airlines

  • Score: 60.54
  • Best Areas: Lounges, Customer Satisfaction
  • Worst: luggage

4. American Airlines

  • Score: 59.83
  • Best areas: route network, award availability
  • Worst points: baggage, affordability

5.Southwest Airlines

  • Result: 56.29
  • Best Areas: Baggage/Exchange Fees, Award Availability
  • Worst areas: cancellations, lounges

6. Hawaiian Airlines

  • Score: 54.71
  • Best Areas: Cancellations, involuntary bumps
  • Worst Areas: Route network

7. JetBlue Airways

  • Score: 47.68
  • Best Areas: Cabin Amenities
  • Worst Areas: Punctuality, Cancellations, Wheelchairs/Scooters

8. Spirit Airlines

  • Score: 38.99
  • Best Areas: Affordability
  • Worst Areas: Wheelchairs/Scooters, Route Network

9. Allegiant Air

  • Result: 37.04
  • Best Areas: Involuntary Impacts, Luggage, Wheelchairs/Wheelchairs
  • Worst areas: punctuality, cabin amenities, family

10. Frontier Airlines

  • Score: 27.74
  • Best Areas: Affordability
  • Worst Areas: Involuntary shocks, customer satisfaction, bag/change fees, award availability

Although Delta was the big winner, the team at The Points Guy notes that the airline’s overall points are down almost 6% year-over-year. Second, third and fourth place finishers (Alaska, American and United) all increased their scores. “Only time will tell if this was a deviation or if Delta’s reign at the top is in danger of coming to an end,” they write.

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