The New BMW Allows You to Change Lanes Only Using Your Eyes


The unveiling of the 2024 BMW 5 Series is causing quite a stir.

In its eighth generation, the BMW 5 Series offers a revolutionary new feature that allows the driver to change lanes simply by looking in the side mirrors.

With Active Lane Change Assist, an optional part of the Highway Assistant Level 2 driver assistance package, your car can automatically change lanes for you. This is how it works:

  1. The system first informs you that a lane change is suggested. This may be because you are approaching a slower car or your lane has ended and you need to merge.
  2. With the Active Lane Change Assist, the driver simply looks in the side mirror and the car changes lanes – as long as it is safe to do so.

Other vehicles, like GM’s SuperCruise system, have an automatic lane change option but require you to physically accept the prompt with the turn signal stalk. BMW takes this step out of the process and leaves the steering to your eyes.

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Some concerns

Not everyone is a fan of this new feature. engine trendquestioned the safety of eye-controlled steering, for example.

“We’d be lying if we weren’t a little concerned,” wrote the auto magazine. “The reality is that moving your hand a few centimeters and touching the lever is not a laborious process and there is much less chance of the car misinterpreting the action. We’ll have to try this system as soon as the car is available for review to see for yourself.

First electric 5 Series

The eye-controlled lane change system wasn’t the only big news to come from BMW this week. The German automaker also announced the debut of two all-electric 5 Series models.

The 335-horsepower i5 eDrive40 has an EPA range of about 300 miles per charge. Sticker pricing starts at $67,795.

At the top end is the 5 M60 xDrive, a twin-engine machine with 590 hp. For this you have to pay at least 85,095 US dollars.

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