Target Offering Full Refunds on Some Children’s Clothing: Video


Some retailers like Zappos and Nordstrom are lauded for their generous return policies, no matter how damaged or defective an item might be, while other brands like Lululemon will even completely replace an item with a brand new one if it breaks.

Now all eyes are on Target after a smart mom went viral for sharing the retailer will refund damaged and overgrown children’s clothing within a warranty period.

A video on TikTok of shopper Jazmine Valdivia, which has amassed over 1.2 million views on the platform, is making the rounds again after she claims that popular Target toddler brand Cat & Jack paid her hundreds of dollars for the clothes she made from the their children had outgrown .

@jazminevaldiviaxo If you’re a mom buying Cat & Jack from Target…is this for you? Your 1 year guarantee works!! #catandjacktarget #catandjackwarranty #catandjackkids #targetlovers #targetshopping #to you #momblogger ♬ Original sound – Jazminevaldivia

“Cat & Jack offers a one-year warranty,” Valdivia tells viewers. “If your child outgrows the clothing, be it stained, torn or whatever, you get the money back so you can buy more clothes.”

She then takes viewers into the store while attempting to return a giant bag of clothes and shoes she collected from her three children and shows two separate receipts for refunds totaling over $537.

Commentators flooded Valdivia’s page, questioning the policy, the ethics and whether or not it actually works.

“I’m having trouble with this,” said one user bluntly. “My biggest problem is that these are thrown away when they could have been donated to children in need.”

“Cat & Jack will probably repurpose the clothes to make new ones, but people are too ’embarrassed’ about it. Smh lol sounds eco-friendly to me,” countered another.

Accordingly Cat & Jack’s In the section on Target’s website, the brand guarantees that the quality of the clothes will be maintained for a whole year and offers a full refund within that year if the customer keeps the receipt.

Another TikToker, Sandra Puente, posted a similar video of her going to Target to process her Cat & Jack refunds and ending up with a $150 credit.

@_sandrapuente Why has no one told me about this policy before? #to you #fyp #foryoupage #Pair #Shopping #Goal #targetrun #catandjackwarranty #catandjackreturnpolicy #catandjacktarget #toddlermom #unx100to #border group #minivlog #shopping time #momsoftiktok #girlmom @Goal ♬ a x100to – Grupo Frontera & Bad Bunny

“I guess we just got our baby some summer clothes,” Puente joked.

Goals General Return Policy advises that “Items that are opened, damaged, or do not have a receipt may be refused a refund or exchange.”

“If you’re not satisfied with a Target Owned Brand item, return it within one year with a receipt for an exchange or refund,” the company says.

target reported On Wednesday, the company reported second-quarter 2023 revenue of $25.32 billion, with net income down $950 million compared to the same period last year.

entrepreneur contacted Target for more information.

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