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NEW DELHI: You may not need to buy the entire strip of tablets or capsules if you only need a few of them in the near future.
The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is working with industry on a plan for perforated drug strips, with manufacture and expiry dates printed on each section so that even if a few tablets are purchased, the strip that is torn off will have all the necessary details. The other option currently being explored is to place QR codes either on the medication strips or on each table “depending on feasibility”.
Sources said the options would then be reviewed in consultation with the industry National Consumer Helpline (NCH), run by the Department for Consumer Affairs, has seen an increase in complaints from pharmacists who have been insisting their customers buy the entire strip.
The Ministry recently held a high-level consultation round with representatives from the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, which was attended by senior Ministry officials Inspector General of Medicines in India to. Officials said the issue had been discussed and the ministry had proposed exploring new technologies for drug packaging.
Officials said the forced purchase of a whole box of medicine creates waste and puts an unnecessary financial burden on customers QR code to use. The main focus is also to make sure consumers don’t incur large additional costs,” an official said.
TOI has learned that the industry representatives have pointed out that printing the QR code on each tablet could cost less than 10 Paise.

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