Musk: Elon Musk: Twitter to soon allow video and audio calls


NEW YORK: Twitter Chief Elon Musk announced on Tuesday that audio and video calls are coming in on the platform.
“There will soon be voice and video chat from your username to everyone on this platform.” musk said in a tweet.
“So you can talk to people anywhere in the world without giving them your phone number.”
In a subsequent comment on Twitter, Musk claimed that the WhatsApp messaging service operated by Meta was “untrustworthy.”
A messaging feature on Twitter would compete with a number of free services, including Messenger, Signal, telegram and whatsapp.
Musk added that Twitter will begin encrypting direct messages on the platform and encrypting content to protect privacy on Wednesday.
Since Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion late last year, he’s made seemingly impulsive changes that have at times wreaked havoc among users.
The Twitter boss has spoken publicly about building a general-purpose “X” app that combines messages, payments and more.
Musk recently made the tech company part of an “X” shell corporation and scrapped the Twitter company name but continued to use it for the service.

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