Kraft Heinz Rolls Out Sauce Machine With 200 Different Options


The ever-enticing touchscreen soft drink vending machines, which allow consumers to customize their beverage experience through a range of different bases and combinations, can make the beverage ordering process that much more personal (and fun).

Now imagine if you could do this with ranch and ketchup.

While there are restaurants that specialize in different sauces and dips, until now there has never been a freestanding machine that allows consumers to fully customize their condiment experience.

Kraft Heinz announced on On Wednesday, the company announced the launch of its reinvented HEINZ REMIX machine, the first “IoT-enabled” digital sauce dispenser of its kind.

The machine allows users to start by selecting a base – ketchup, ranch, BBQ sauce or Heinz 57 sauce – and then add flavor profiles and spice and flavor intensities to customize their own creation.

A preview of the new machine via BusinessWire

Heinz already fills a combi seasoning (ketchup and mayonnaise) for his “Mayochup”. The company claims the machine offers more than 200 possible flavor combinations.

“As a company, we transform through innovation, making larger, more focused efforts to fuel our growth and create new experiences for consumers,” said Alan Kleinerman, Kraft Heinz’s vice president of disruption, in a company release. “HEINZ REMIX is a great example of this consumer-centric approach to innovation. We’re changing the game for food service operators and sauce lovers – dipping will never be the same again.”

The machine is expected to roll into restaurants in late 2023 or early 2024.

Kraft Heinz is come from a strong first quarter of 2023 with net income of $838 million and revenue of $6.49 billion.

The company was almost As of Thursday afternoon, flat at just 0.91% year-on-year growth.

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