How to Hire People for Technical Skills


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As an entrepreneur, you probably know how to hire employees. You hire from the inside, leverage your professional network, and leverage popular online job boards like ZipRecruiter. But when it comes to hiring people with technical skills – especially skills that are outside of your own – you may feel overwhelmed.

Technical skills refer to the skills and knowledge required to perform specific tasks within a profession or industry. Some examples include computer programming, data analysis, mechanical engineering, digital marketing, web development, networking, graphic design, and project management.

Hiring people with technical skills and recognizing those skills during the hiring process can be challenging. With a structured approach and a clear understanding of the skills required, employers can increase their chances of finding the right candidate for the job.

Define the role and required technical skills.

The first step in the hiring process is to define the role. This includes the technical skills required for the job and the soft skills that are important to succeed in your organization. Make sure you have a detailed job description and the qualifications for the position.

Posting on job boards.

Consider using job boards and recruitment platforms to reach a large pool of candidates with the right technical skills. ZipRecruiter is a popular platform that can help you reach many candidates with specific technical skills. ZipRecruiter matches your listing to qualified candidates using powerful AI matching technology.

You can also use Zip Recruiter’s Screening tools that allow candidates to be filtered based on their qualifications and experience.

Look for the right qualifications.

When selecting candidates, look for technical qualifications and background experience that are a good fit for your team or fill an existing gap in your organization’s skillset.

Conduct technical interviews.

During the interview, ask technical questions aimed at assessing the candidate’s qualifications. The questions should be relevant to the job and the technology used in the company. You can also give them a small test or project to assess their technical ability.

Use technical assessments.

Technical assessments allow you to assess a candidate’s technical ability and determine if they have the skills required for the job. You can do this on site or give them a few days to complete the task.

Many online technical assessment tools can help you test a candidate’s skills in programming, web development, database management, and more. It depends on your desired specialty.

Check their references and work.

Check references from previous employers, colleagues or supervisors to understand the candidate’s work style and qualifications. They can also request samples of previous work or projects to assess their technical ability.

Offer competitive compensation and benefits.

To attract top tech talent, it is imperative to offer competitive compensation and benefits. In addition, it is also important to offer growth and advancement opportunities, as many highly skilled technical professionals are motivated by the opportunity to work on exciting and challenging projects.

Don’t forget that you have resources if you want to make an adjustment. Ranked the #1 job board in the US1, ZipRecruiter facilitates the job search. It uses powerful AI matching technology to help you find the right solution. You can also read reviews and ratings from current and former employees to learn about the company culture before applying.

1 Based on G2 satisfaction ratings as of January 1, 2022

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