How to Find Happiness Along Your Entrepreneurial Journey


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Let’s be honest, sometimes it can be lonely being an entrepreneur – especially when only a few people believe in your vision. This, combined with the constant setbacks and obstacles, makes it easy for any entrepreneur to fall into depression.

I’m only 22 but my journey started around 2014. In that time I’ve had numerous successes and failures. During times when things weren’t going so well, I learned different ways to appreciate the moment and find opportunities despite the chaos.

Here are my four favorite things to do to make the trip fun despite the ups and downs.

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1. Let go of expectations and enjoy the present

I recently learned about the concept of letting go. A few months ago I was on the phone with my accountability partner and he was just sick of setting goals so he didn’t send any for the month of February 2023. Long story short, this month has been his best month in a long time Time because he temporarily let go of his expectations and let things flow naturally.

You see, when you have high expectations or goals, you will immediately feel the emotions of stress, anxiety, depression, pressure, etc. We often think that this is okay and that once our goals/expectations are met, these negative emotions will go away, but this is wrong.

Once you have achieved an expectation or goal (like becoming a millionaire) you now have to maintain it, which can often be more difficult. Trying to maintain something like this will bring back the same negative emotions and make you miserable.

That’s why people say money, fame and success don’t buy happiness. An effective way to find happiness is to let go of all expectations and be thankful for what you have and where you are in life/business right now.

Doing this regularly improves my mental health and overall happiness during uncertain times.

I’m not saying you need to get rid of all your goals, but I believe you should find a healthy balance between goal setting and not having goals/expectations.

2. Remember that you are writing your story in real time

We’ve all had those roadblocks or setbacks that seemed impossible to avoid. I got tons of them during my trip and I still get them. But every time I encounter a significant setback, I see it as a new plot to add to my story.

When I started I had a specific end goal in mind, but by thinking that I’m writing my story in real time, my end goal is dramatically different and much better than what I initially expected.

3. Building and strengthening existing relationships

Sometimes in business the best solution is to do less. While I take some attention away from my business, I give an area I like to pay more attention to, the people in my life. That includes friends, family, and possibly everyone I’m with.

By letting go of expectations (as mentioned in my first point) and spending quality time with the people I love, not only do I strengthen those relationships, but I often find solutions to my problems by stepping back.

4. Pay attention to your mental and physical health

I’ve been doing a lot of research on mental health lately. Taking care of your mental health is important because it’s very easy to overwork and burn out.

Using the concept of letting go, my definition of self-care is letting go of expectations and focusing on yourself.

Some of my favorite self-care/mental health practices are:

  • write diary

  • Take night walks alone

  • Go on solo rides silently

  • go out to eat alone

  • Read a book

  • go to a park

  • Sitting in a hammock by the water

  • exercise (take care of your body)

  • Improving my relationship with God

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The world around us is a reflection of our inner beliefs. One of the best ways to improve your life circumstances is to work on yourself from within.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. There will be many good times and bad times. The key is to show up every day and enjoy the process, especially on your worst days. Your worst days are the hardest to appreciate right now, but when you look back, you’ll be forever grateful for what you went through.

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