How to Find Employees: 4 Tips for Hiring the Best


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Finding and hiring new employees can be exciting and challenging. It’s an opportunity to bring some outside perspective and experience to your organization. You can find quality candidates efficiently and economically by developing a solid hiring strategy.

That means you’re recruiting across multiple channels while striving to attract top talent. For example, ZipRecruiter can be a great way to introduce job seekers to your job posting and can help you find employees more efficiently.

Not only do you want quality employees, you also need to retain the talent you have in your organization. By limiting turnover, you can focus on building your business and creating a thriving work environment that people want to participate in.

Whether it’s your first employee or your 50th, improve your hiring practices and hire qualified employees with these four hiring tips:

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1. Write a detailed job description.

Whether it’s on your careers site or a well-known jobs site, a job description could be the first impression a job seeker has of your company and potentially be your most effective hiring tool.

A well-written job ad provides insight into the company and how a candidate can contribute to the company. Be sure to include relevant keywords that job seekers may be searching for and be clear about role responsibilities, growth potential and intangibles candidates may want from a company.

2. Use online job boards.

The best thing you can do is be where job seekers are, and online job boards are some of the first places people start looking for a job.

Many popular job sites offer free options that are perfect for small businesses, and premium features can give you more reach and let you search resume databases. ZipRecruiter, for example, is a popular choice among job seekers and hiring managers. It is the #1 rated job board in the US1. Employers can streamline the hiring process with tools like ZipRecruiter‘s powerful AI matching technology, job description templates and applicant tracking system integration.

And perhaps best of all: hiring manager with ZipRecruiter Anyone who sees a candidate they like can get on their radar with the useful Invite to the application function.

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3. Don’t forget employee recommendations.

Employee referrals can be a valuable hiring tool, especially in certain industries. Incentive your employees to do legwork by using their network to attract top talent. Referral bonuses can include cash, travel, gifts and vouchers. The hiring process can be expensive, and employee referrals can provide hot leads at an affordable price.

4. Recruit at local universities.

Building a relationship with local universities and academic programs can create a healthy pipeline filled with new talent. You can screen potential candidates and stay up to date when a student’s job search begins by attending college career fairs.

Consider sending employees to guest lectures to provide more insight into what your company is doing. This can be especially valuable if you have internship opportunities that you can offer to further develop talent.

1 Based on G2 satisfaction ratings as of December 31, 2020

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