How To Create and Optimize a Facebook Business Page (2023)


You just started your ecommerce business and you want to grow and attract new customers. A good place to start is to get your small business in front of a large audience, like the 2 billion or so people who use Facebook every day. Here you can promote your business and Facebook’s services, and let potential customers know exactly where to find you.

But first, you need to create a Facebook business page and make the most of it.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Business Page is a public Facebook account that contains relevant details about your business (hours, location, etc.) and allows you to market your business and interact with your followers on Facebook through posts, videos, images, and advertisements .

A Facebook Business Page gives your business access to Facebook’s advertising platform and Facebook Shops, where you can sell directly to customers without them leaving the website or app. Facebook also offers the free Audience Insights tool, which you can use to pull Company Page analytics to view impressions and shares on specific posts, as well as follower demographics.

By creating a Facebook Page for your business as part of a larger social media marketing strategy, you can expose your product or service to new audiences and increase clicks to your website and visits to your online store.

How to create a Facebook business page

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up a new Facebook business page so you can start marketing, selling, or collecting data.

  1. Create a new page from your personal Facebook account
  2. Add photos or videos
  3. Customize your page information
  4. post content

1. Create a new page from your personal Facebook account

    A personal Facebook account is required to create a Business Page. So if you don’t already have one, set one up first. Once you’ve logged into your personal account, navigate to the menu on the left and click Pages, then click Create New Page.

    A window will open asking for some basic business information – your company name, your category or industry and a short bio. Enter this and then click “Create Page”. Your business profile will then go live on Facebook.

    2. Add photos or videos

      The next step is to add a profile photo and a cover photo or video to your Facebook business page. The profile picture is usually your company’s logo and is cropped into a circle. The Facebook cover photo, which acts as the header on your main page, must be at least 400 x 150 pixels. This can be a picture of your store or something playful and fun related to your business, such as a photo of your employees or a product in action. If you use a photo, make sure the text is centered on it so it doesn’t get cut off.

      Facebook also has the option to upload a video in the header that will play in a loop. Videos must be between 20 and 90 seconds and have a maximum of 1080 pixels in .mov or .mp4 format. Since it’s a loop, make sure the content of the video makes sense when it’s repeated. After uploading your photos or videos, click on the “Save” button.

      3. Customize your page information

        Click the “Manage” button at the top of your Facebook Business Page, then navigate to the “Setting up your Page for success” section. Here, Facebook will ask you to provide important details about your business, such as your website, address, business hours, and more.

        You can also take this opportunity to add action buttons to your page that allow Facebook users to message you, book an appointment, order from you, or visit your Facebook shop via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, for example.

        4. Publish content

          Once your page is created, your photos are uploaded, and your information is filled out, it’s time to fill your profile with content. Your first post should be an introduction, welcoming your followers to your page, explaining your business and the types of content you plan to post in the future.

          Behind-the-scenes photos or videos of your company, product launches or other events, or links to longer written content on your website can be appealing and have a good impact depending on the company and target audience. For example, a florist might post a photo of the new bouquets they just put together for the start of spring; A drone company could share footage captured by its drones.

          How to optimize your Facebook business page

          Creating a page for your business is just the first step. Here are some ways to create a responsive Facebook business page once it’s set up and up and running.

          1. Complete your profile
          2. Choose a URL
          3. allow ratings
          4. Add more page tabs
          5. Update content regularly

          1. Complete your profile

          This may seem obvious, but make sure your page lists all relevant and up-to-date information. Nothing is more frustrating for followers than not being able to find the business address, website, or phone number of a business they want to contact.

          2. Choose a URL

          You can choose a custom username for your profile, which can help your page stand out in search results and make it easier for customers to type directly into their browser. To do this, click on “Settings & Privacy” and then on “Settings” in the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the screen on your Facebook Business Page. In the Username section, click Edit to choose a custom username for your profile.

          3. Allow reviews

          Reviews are a handy way to get feedback from customers and let potential customers know that you’re a trusted and respected business. To enable reviews on your site, click on the “Settings” button in your account menu. From there, click on the Templates and Tabs section and turn on the Ratings option.

          4. Add more page tabs

          Tabs are like tabs in your website browser, but within the Facebook Page itself. They help your audience navigate your Business Page. To enable tabs, navigate to “Template and Tabs” and scroll down to the list of current and available tabs. This includes offers, which allow you to highlight ongoing sales or promotions, as well as events, which showcase what’s happening next at your business.

          5. Update content regularly

          Show that your business is healthy and thriving by regularly adding fresh content to your Business Page. New posts make your business memorable and keep followers coming back to your business page because your posts show up in their feeds. You can also attract potential customers because the more content you publish, the higher the chance that it will be exposed to a new audience. New photos, explainer videos, promotional messages, even memes and jokes can be great ways to engage people on your Facebook Business Page.

          How to measure the success of your Facebook business page

          Meta Business Suite offers Facebook Page Insights, a free service that provides performance analysis of your business page. From your Business Page profile, click the Insights tab to go to a professional dashboard showing metrics like your Pageviews and Followers. Facebook Insights gives you the ability to zoom in on specific posts to see how they are performing in terms of views, likes, shares and negative feedback, e.g. B. when users have chosen to hide your post or unfollow your page.

          Insights can also help you find out when your followers are most active on Facebook, so you know when to schedule posts for maximum impact. With this information, you can shape your social media content strategy to increase audience engagement.

          Frequently asked questions about creating a Facebook business page

          Does a Facebook Business Page need to be linked to a personal account?

          Yes. However, none of the information in your personal profile will ever be shared on your Facebook business page or vice versa unless you choose to do so.

          Can you unlink your Facebook business page from your personal account?

          No. Once you’ve created a Facebook Business Page through your personal account, there’s no way to unlink the two other than deleting one or the other.

          Are there any fees to create a Facebook Business Page?

          Building a Facebook business page is free. However, if you want to use services like running Facebook ads through your business page, it costs money.

          Can you add other people to manage your Business Page?

          Yes. From the Facebook page settings, click People to see a list of your Facebook friends. Then select the person you want to give access to. Next, click Add Assets and select the Company Page you want to give them access to. Finally, click Save Changes.

          Can you connect your Facebook business page to other social media channels?

          Yes, Facebook allows you to connect your Facebook business page to your Instagram account. Under Settings, click Instagram, select Connect Account, then enter your Instagram username.


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