How Monogram Is Bringing Robots into the Operating Room


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As the 70+ million baby boomer population continues to age, there is a huge opportunity for medical companies to help repair and maintain their bodies. Input Monogram orthopedicsa company reimagining the process of knee replacement surgery with robotic surgical assistants and patient-specific implants.

As the demand for more and better knee replacement surgeries increases, the industry is expected to grow in importance $26 billion by 2027, and Monogram is one of the few companies that lives up to that claim. Not only have they developed a new way to perform joint surgery, they have also taken a novel approach to the joints themselves.

Here’s what makes Monogram such an interesting startup and why investors should consider this opportunity.

How the world can benefit from robotic joint surgery.

For about 40 years Joint Replacement Innovation stuck in a queue. Market leaders continue to use the same hacksaws, jigs, and bone cement — not to mention perform the same imprecise surgeries with extended recovery times.

But they don’t keep the status quo “because it works”. As it turns out, 36% of people wish they had never had joint surgery. The market just hasn’t been able to provide them with anything better than generic replacements that wear out over time and potentially lead to more joint problems due to a poor fit.

That’s the problem monogram The solution came with high-precision robotic joint surgery and custom-made 3D-printed joints. Better tools and knee prostheses have the potential to provide each patient with a customized fit to prevent wobble and ensure longer life.

The Monogram team and their robots have already conducted successful demos in front of thousands of online viewers in their own Monogram space state-of-the-art cadaver laboratory. And the company is working on capturing a significant part of this market in the future.

Monogram’s market opportunity is $19.4 billion.

To put things in perspective, they exist 933,000 knee prostheses per year, and 100,000 of them fail. This is partly because 92% of them use cement with generic implants that are not optimized for every patient. Not to mention the risk of human error.

One of the reasons for this is that only four major competitors control 82% of the joint replacement market: Stryker, Zimmer, Smith & Nephew and DepuySynthes. Eventually, they will have to adapt as it is projected that by 2030 up to 50% of all joint replacement surgeries will be robotic. But with 20 patents pending and an aggressive development push, the company reckons it could potentially have a significant first-mover advantage.

Here’s what’s next for Monogram and how you can get involved.

Monogram’s proposed NASDAQ listing.

The company intends to expand its reach through direct marketing NASDAQ listing.

You start with one Reg An investment opportunity The shares will be sold prior to the scheduled listing at a fixed price of $7.25 per share and then freely traded in the market.

It basically means that entrepreneur Readers have the opportunity to invest in the company at a fixed price even before the planned listing. Previously, this type of investing was limited to big banks and venture capitalists, but crowdfunding allows retail investors to gain exposure to companies like Monogram before they list on a public stock exchange.

Learn more about becoming a Monogram shareholder before they go public.

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