How Entrepreneurs Benefit From Being Verified on Instagram


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If you have an Instagram account, chances are you’ve always dreamed of having a blue tick next to your name. There’s just something about it that lets people know you matter.

I recently got verified on Instagram and to be honest the hunt was more exciting than the catch. But in the last four weeks I’ve noticed some amazing benefits from being verified on Instagram that I wasn’t expecting.

Here are the top five benefits I noticed and gained from being verified on Instagram.

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Advantage #1: It makes it easier to maintain/increase prices

I always encourage prospects to follow me on social media as part of my sales process. I especially enjoy messaging people on LinkedIn and Instagram. I love directing leads to my social media accounts because my personal branding does all the work for me. I set up these accounts so that people would be happy to attend future meetings and make purchases.

Because potential customers were more willing to buy from me, it was easier to raise my prices and charge exactly what I’m worth.

I was still able to do this without being verified, but having the blue badge next to my name made me feel more secure when asking for my value.

Advantage #2: Known accounts follow you

I follow some well-known public figures on social media. This includes athletes, entrepreneurs, journalists and everything else in between. I especially enjoy reading other people’s posts and watching their stories. When a verified account likes a post or looks at someone’s stories, they clearly stand out.

This is enough to get the high profile account I follow to visit my page and eventually follow me back. I happened to notice this benefit after four high profile verified accounts followed me out of the blue within a week.

This could be very valuable for networking.

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Benefit #3: Increased credibility and authority

I already had enough credibility on my Instagram account without the blue tick next to my name. I’ve built this credibility through the press I’ve garnered by showcasing my accomplishments and customer case studies. However, the blue tick next to my name was the icing on the cake and helped put everything together. The blue check can make others perceive you as someone with credibility and authority.

Advantage #4: It’s easier to target high-profile people

I recently attended an event where a high quality, motivational speaker spoke on stage. Halfway through his talk, I got the idea to approach him afterwards and offered to help him write his book. At the end of the event I managed to get to know him and talk to him a little. At the right moment, I made my offer to help him write his book. He was slightly interested, but his interest increased when I showed him my Instagram account and the book I was writing.

When he saw my page, his excitement went through the roof and I got an appointment for the next day through his assistant.

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Advantage #5: Fewer cancellations and no-shows

I’ve noticed this not only in business, but also in dating – the number of ambiguities and no-shows I receive have gone down. I’m not sure if this is directly related to being verified on Instagram, but I’ve noticed that people have started to value me and my time more seriously.

It’s a great way to drastically reduce the frequency of appointment cancellations and no-shows. Verification is just the icing on the cake that shows you’re in demand.

In reality, being verified on Instagram means nothing. When I first got the blue tick I honestly felt so empty. But when you combine the blue badge with your goal, it has a positive impact on your self-esteem. It can make you feel like you’re already a rock star or already have a million or billion dollar business.

Now, you don’t want this to go to your head because you’re delusional, but I’ve found that it helps put more pressure on you to achieve your dreams and gives you confidence that you can do difficult things .

If you think getting verified on Instagram is worth it, I would highly recommend you give it a try. You will be surprised at the possibilities it brings and the doors it opens.

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