Employee Retention Credits Now Available to All Industries, Don’t Miss Out on $26k Per Employee


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The last three years have destroyed many small and large businesses. People who invested their lives in retail stores, mechanic shops, marketing agencies and other types of businesses have been financially ruined by the COVID-19 health crisis.

Worse, there were so few financial options. Some individuals even face serious tax challenges because of the options they choose.

A Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program was introduced, but few companies knew how to properly navigate the application process, handle the paperwork, or deal with old records and felt completely lost…until now.

Financial Match helps businesses of all sizes get the maximum payout as quickly as possible.

Landscapers, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores and even electronics stores are eligible to enter $26,000 per employee for 2020 and 2021. With the help of Financial Match, it is possible to get that money and turn the red books black again.

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program provides eligible employers with payroll tax credits for wages and health insurance contributions paid to employees. Companies have the option of claiming ERC retrospectively for up to three years.

ERC submissions made easy.

According to Financial Match, it has helped companies raise tens of millions of dollars through the ERC program.

With the aim of make the complicated simpleFinancial Match works with licensed CPAs and other financial professionals to help companies navigate the application process step-by-step.

The Financial Match team ensures all numbers are correct and in line with ERC regulations. They also handle the paperwork, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on running the business.

Check today to find out if Financial Match can help you raise ERC funds.

Obtain the maximum allowable ERC credits.

The ERC program was created to encourage employers to keep their workers on their payrolls for as long as possible during the pandemic.

To qualify for the ERC, organizations must meet certain criteria. They must be businesses or tax-exempt organizations that have partially or fully closed due to COVID-19. Entrepreneurs must also demonstrate that they have experienced a decrease in sales compared to 2019 earnings.

Get help with a complicated application.

The ERC application requires detailed answers to complicated questions such as:

  • Year-over-year sales comparisons for 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • What counts as “qualified wage” under the ERC program.

In addition, applicable tax laws may have changed, so tackling compliance issues can be quite difficult.

For this reason, having people by your side who know all the details can make a big difference between success and failure of the application.

Use Financial Match for your company.

Let them Financial Match Professionals will help you fill out your application. It’s a simple process.

  • Take a qualifying quiz
  • Complete the application with the help of Financial Match
  • Work to get documents and information
  • Get paid by the IRS

Financial Match helped:

  • A restaurant receives over $900,000 in ERC credits
  • A construction company receives more than $400,000 in ERC credits
  • A mechanical supply company receives nearly $1.2 million in ERC credits

You can make it easier for companies Focus on the bottom line, not federal papers This can be time consuming, scary and confusing.

You can now find out if you and your company are eligible for ERC credits and if Financial Match can help you get them.

Billions of dollars are there to help you. Do not miss this opportunity.

Click here to see if you are eligible for up to $26,000 per employee.

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