Elon Musk, Tesla Building Drive-In Movie Theater and Diner


Tesla CEO Elon Musk certainly enjoys some variety when it comes to his business ventures, whether it’s electric cars, space exploration, social media platforms, or…drive-in movie theaters?

Tesla is reportedly opening a drive-in movie theater and diner in Los Angeles that will double as a mass charging station for electric vehicles, according to permits viewed by Tesla-oriented publication Teslarati.

The new “1950s-style” venture is set to open in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard and will feature two movie screens playing classic films, a rooftop and indoor seating area, and 32 Tesla supercharger ports that will be open all night.

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An architect named Ed Howard shared unofficial mock drawings on X of what the structure could look like — to many fans’ delight.

Tesla received the permit on July 18 after an eight-month approval process and cleared initial inspection on August 9.

The project has been a long time coming, something Musk has been talking about on the app formerly known as Twitter since 2021.

The company broke the news that the concept was in the works during Tesla’s investor day in March 2023, where they shared an official preview of what the structure is set to look like.

Tesla was down just over 7% year-over-year as of Wednesday morning.

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