Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe: Blue-Collar Workers Are Safe From AI


Mike Rowe believes “dirty” jobs are safe from the rise of artificial intelligence as people begin to fear that the latest advances in technology will replace human workers.

The Dirty Jobs and How America Works host said during an appearance on “The Big Money Show“However, he said, workers have the luxury of being able to rely on skills that are difficult to reproduce digitally.”

“It used to be said that robots would destroy skilled workers. Well, not really,” he said at the time. “I haven’t seen plumbing robots. I haven’t seen electrician robots. And I don’t think we’re going to see artificial intelligence on this scale in crafts. You can’t stop it. Everyone.” You can choose to freak out or not.

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Rowe’s feelings mirror the results of a march Goldman Sachs report, which predicts that 300 million jobs worldwide could be replaced by automation. The report concluded that administrative workers are most at risk of being replaced by digital resources. However, jobs that require manual labor and outdoor tasks will only be “minorly” affected by AI growth in these industries.

“I’ve been hearing for years that robots will destroy workers’ jobs. Turns out AI is on the rise for your clerk jobs,” Rowe said during a separate appearance on “America’s Newsroom.”

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Rowe started this MikeroweWORKS Foundation In 2008 he campaigned for skilled workers and broke the stigma of skilled workers. He has since donated $5 million to his work ethic scholarship program, which trains people for in-demand, skilled jobs.

“My foundation has trained almost 1,700 people in trades. Many of them are welders, many of these welders earn upwards of six figures. Nobody believes it. No one talks about it because the stigma is so clear that, oh my god, “If a kid ends up being a welder, it’s because he or she can’t make it here. This is such nonsense,” he said on the show.

“People who master a skill that is in demand and watch it develop will find that they end up with something that looks very wealthy,” he added.

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