Airbnb Takes ‘Anti-Party’ Stance Ahead of Memorial Day Weekend


Staying in an Airbnb this summer? Don’t throw a party – otherwise the neighbors could betray you.

Airbnb is put into effect In the run-up to busy summer holiday weekends, which can sometimes draw rowdy crowds, an “anti-party crackdown” has occurred for the second consecutive year.

The goal of the initiative is to discourage tenants from throwing parties in local communities. Airbnb reviews reservations for one or two nights based on their level of risk – last-minute booking, positive or negative reviews, distance to listing, and more.

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For the Memorial Day and Fourth of July holiday weekends, Airbnb also enforces stricter booking criteria — it blocks full trips home for high-risk guests and requires customers to read anti-party policies.

However, Airbnb can only assess the risk Before booking – even when guests arrive, chaos can still ensue. The Company encourages neighbors to report concerns to Airbnb’s 24-hour Neighborhood Support Line. The line is dedicated solely to speaking to locals with “urgent concerns” such as “a party in progress.”

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said earlier this month Bloomberg that a wave of complaints on social media last summer was “something of a wake-up call”.

Airbnb’s anti-partisan crackdown was first introduced for Memorial Day weekend in 2022 and then rolled out for the 4th of July long weekend as well.

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