7 Best Business Leadership Podcasts for Entrepreneurs (2023)


Podcasts give you the opportunity to learn from people you might never meet in person, from executives of the biggest international brands to self-made entrepreneurs who share their secrets to success. Podcasts may give you inspiration or insights that will help you become a better leader, even if the speakers come from industries, companies, and backgrounds unrelated to yours.

Business leadership podcasts can be especially valuable if you are starting or growing an e-commerce business. However, it seems that new podcasts are popping up every week – and as a business owner, you probably have very little time. Here’s a roundup of some of the best leadership podcasts to get you started.

Shopify Masters: The Ecommerce Podcast for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Shopify Masters is a Shopify-powered business podcast where successful entrepreneurs and professionals share their marketing and sales experiences with inspirational stories.

Learn from leaders

The 7 best leadership podcasts

  1. CEO school with Suneera Madhani
  2. Coaching real leaders
  3. How I built this with Guy Raz
  4. The look and sound of leadership
  5. Shopify Master
  6. Mixergy
  7. The unencumbered leader

Finding the right person or presenter may come down to personal preference, but here are seven of the best leadership podcasts, each with the potential to help you develop entrepreneurial skills.

1. CEO school with Suneera Madhani

CEO school focuses on helping female founders achieve more than $1 million in sales – something less than 2% of female entrepreneurs achieve. The organization has several programs and resources, including free ones CEO school Podcast hosted by Suneera Madhani.

Madhani is also the co-founder and CEO of the fintech payments company tax, and shares lessons from that experience in solo episodes of the podcast. She also interviews other women entrepreneurs who have joined the 2% Club and shows the audience how to achieve their success.

  • Episode length: 25 to 45 minutes
  • Release Schedule: on Monday
  • Reviews of Apple Podcasts: 4.9

2. Coaching real leaders

Supported by the Harvard Business Review and moderated by Executive Coach Muriel Wilkins, the Coaching real leaders The podcast puts you in the room with real-life executive coaching sessions. You can learn valuable leadership lessons by being a toadstool, e.g. B. how to build credibility in your team or master the change from a corporate role to entrepreneurship.

This podcast is produced and released seasonally, with breaks of several months between new seasons. Currently, you can listen to episodes from more than four seasons, and season five is underway.

  • Episode Length: 45 minutes to an hour
  • Release Schedule: Once or twice a month
  • Reviews of Apple Podcasts: 4.7

3. How I built this with Guy Raz

Introduced in 2016, Guy Raz How I built this is a popular leadership podcast with an interview format designed to impart business knowledge. Raz, an award-winning journalist who hosts several other podcasts, interviews top business leaders and gets them to open up and talk about the business and personal lessons they’ve learned.

In addition to the long interview episodes, in a shorter form HIBT lab! In subsequent episodes, Raz and his guest focus on a specific challenge or idea rather than the Founder’s leadership journey.

  • Episode length: 30 to 90 minutes
  • Release Schedule: Mondays (interviews) and Thursdays (HIBT lab!)
  • Reviews of Apple Podcasts: 4.7

4. The look and sound of leadership

The look and sound of leadership The host is Tom Henschel, an executive coach who has been working with executives for more than 20 years. Henschel bases many of the episodes on coaching sessions with clients and the issues he has helped them overcome, including receiving feedback, managing conflict, and setting boundaries.

While some coaching lessons aimed at managers and middle-level leaders may not apply to founders, the podcast’s practical coaching lessons can help you develop leadership and communicate with your team.

  • Episode Length: 20 minutes
  • Release Schedule: Monthly
  • Reviews of Apple Podcasts: 4.8

5. Shopify Master

The Shopify Master Podcast is Shopify’s official leadership podcast. Moderators Shuang Esther Shan and Adam Levinter interview entrepreneurs and experts to discuss starting and growing e-commerce businesses.

These insightful conversations with founders across industries—from chocolatiers to earbud makers—offer insights into successes and lessons learned. You’ll also find deeper insights into important business topics, such as: B. what to expect with artificial intelligence or how to expand into new markets.

  • Episode length: 30 minutes
  • Release Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Reviews of Apple Podcasts: 4.5


6. Mixergy

With more than 2,200 episodes, Andrew Warners is Mixergy An interview-style leadership podcast is a treasure trove of insights. The focus is usually on tech startups, but other episodes will appeal to a wide range of entrepreneurs. However, only the latest episodes are available for free in podcast feeds.

You can browse past episodes on the Mixergy website and filter results by categories like branding, social media, and ecommerce. And you can listen to previous episodes on the site if you share your email address. However, some interviews or courses may require a premium membership ($49 per month or $399 per year).

  • Episode length: 45 to 75 minutes
  • Release Schedule: Every one to two weeks
  • Reviews of Apple Podcasts: 4.5

7. The unencumbered leader

Rebecca Ching, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), is a leadership coach for entrepreneurs, executives, and everyday leaders. The Unencumbered Leader The podcast focuses on the pain, struggles, and trauma that other podcasts don’t delve into as deeply – and discusses how they can impact you, your leadership style, and personal development.

The Leadership Podcast is an interview-style show with a wide range of guests including people from the business community (profit and non-profit), founders, authors and therapists.

  • Episode length: 60 minutes
  • Release Schedule: Every second Friday
  • Reviews of Apple Podcasts: 4.9

Frequently asked questions about the best leadership podcasts

Why listen to leadership podcasts?

Leadership podcasts can help you learn from people who have faced similar obstacles and opportunities. Often the host or interviewee will talk about their personal development and the business challenges they have faced. And many of the best podcasters interview serial entrepreneurs and top business leaders you might otherwise have to pay to hear speak. Take the lessons and stories to heart, and you might find some shortcuts to repeating your successes—and avoiding your failures.

What is a Thought Leadership Podcast?

A thought leadership podcast highlights a specific person or brand and gives them a platform to share their insights on a topic. Perhaps you’d like to listen to thought leadership podcasts on a business challenge, like building a positive workplace culture or developing your emotional intelligence—all with the goal of becoming a better leader.

What topics are covered in the best leadership podcasts?

Leadership podcasts can provide practical insights on a variety of topics, including personal productivity and leadership development. Leadership podcasts that also have an entrepreneurial focus could cover more business-specific topics, such as building good products, building effective website landing pages, and guiding businesses through growth difficulties.


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