5 Proven Marketing Strategies for Promoting Your Campground


If you want to attract more customers and make your campsite stand out, look no further! We have five proven marketing strategies to make your campsite the most popular in your area.

A camping business in its truest form sells unforgettable experiences. Your campers are just as important to him as the campsite and its gear, and they should know about your campsite before they even set foot in it.

The good news is that through strategic marketing and exercising your creativity, you can achieve this quickly!

In this article, we discuss five campground marketing strategies that are proven to grow your business and increase your reach by a mile, including using campground reservation software to your advantage.

1. Create a website

While word of mouth spreads news about your campsite, people often look online for more information. Most importantly, they verify the legitimacy of your campsite, so make sure you create a website. Even a simple homepage with a few subpages can suffice.

The website should ideally be hosted on a domain that includes your location and the name of your property. Many owners use Facebook or social media to promote their campsites, but what a website can do varies significantly. However, we recommend hosting your campsite on a Campsite reservation software where it is more likely to be seen and shared by multiple campers.

Low-cost to free website building options include WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, which come with various templates.

A well designed website will impress viewers and make them curious to experience the real deal. It’s a great way to showcase all of your campsite’s facilities, eco-friendly practices and most importantly, scenic beauty.

Campgrounds in Houston, for example, are packed not only because they have tons of scenic spots, but also because those spots are adequately marketed online.

In addition, your website will appear in search engine results, which allows for optimization. When a camper searches for something containing keywords on your website, it will appear on their screen. We therefore recommend recording as many keywords as possible.

2. Try influencer marketing

As social media expands, influencers can help you boost your business significantly. It’s helpful to look for influencers or vloggers who are fans of the outdoors and adventure.

Health and wellness influencers are also a good option since their viewers are potential customers. Additionally, if your campsite practices sustainability, you can partner with eco-friendly activists online.

Offering them discounts or free stays in exchange for a video or post about your campsite can do wonders for their reach. It will also help identify your target market and select an influencer based on their preferences and the ethos of your campsite. A recommendation from a beauty blogger isn’t going to boost your business as much as a hiking enthusiast.

Don’t forget to repost all the content of the influencer posts as it will help increase your Instagram reach. We advise you to develop a relationship with them as it can allow both of you to build a creative and attractive referral online.

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3. Clear goals for social media ads

Social media can also be daunting due to its sheer size, especially for small business owners. There are a multitude of options within just one platform. Luckily, you can speed up your process and get more customers by optimizing your ads.

Choosing your target audience is the first step. It’s important to consider which platforms they use most often and what they should do when they see your ad.

Your ads should be easy to read, enticing, and provide a clear call to action. For example, you can create an ad for a vacation discount and have a link to claim that discount.

Make your ads create a sense of urgency and excitement so customers can reserve a campsite or visit your website for more information.

4. Use a primary social media platform

If you spread your campsite’s online presence too thin or too thick, you won’t attract new customers. However, sticking to one platform and consistency is an easy and guaranteed way to gain a following quickly.

Being on many platforms at the same time can affect the quality of your content if you don’t have an extensive marketing team. Additionally, this can create inconsistencies in your branding, so it’s best to stick to just one. Keep your posts and images up to date and manage your replies in a timely manner. People are more likely to engage when they receive quick responses in a friendly and professional tone.

Your target audience also plays a role in this, so we advise you to familiarize yourself and your employees with the platform they use most often.

Using all options within one platform can reach people far and wide. For example, if you go live on Instagram to show them a campfire experience, you can give viewers an intimate look at your campsite.

Once you’ve built a sizable following, you can even include yourself and your collaborators in photos and videos on your platform. This can help viewers feel even more connected and encourage them to join in the fun.

5. SMS campers with their permission

SMS marketing is an up-and-coming competitor to email, so we encourage you to give it a try. text reply Prices are much higher than email, which is better for your business. Texts are short, sweet and easier to read than long, formal emails.

It’s important to get their permission as unwanted messages can become annoying for your campers. Once they sign up, you can spread your message faster and to more people at the same time. You can send them messages about weather changes, reminders for specific events, and even last-minute changes.

In addition, you can lure them with texts asking them to extend their stay and keep them informed of any discounts you offer. SMS marketing is also a great tool to keep past campers in the loop and encourage them to come back and bring more friends.

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In summary, you can increase the popularity of your campsite and get more customers in no time by maintaining your online presence, creating a website and doing SMS marketing. Remember, the key is staying consistent with your marketing.

By implementing these strategies, you will soon be entertaining many more campers who may stay loyal for life.

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